Statement from Gregor Warner
Ok so I’d been abducted and stuck in some warehouse for 6 months, or so Alex assured me, with some techs and doctors poking and prodding trying to get me to do something that’s only possible in the movies. Well the day was going same as usual. Wake up, drugs, breakfast, dragged off for tests, blur, dinner, drugs and back to cells. Except today the drugs seemed weaker and halfway through the night I was woken by one of my cell mates, a guy called Flynn. Someone had unlocked the cell door and, by the sounds from the corridor, the other ones as well.

There was only one guard in the hall and by the time we’d woken the rest of the cell some of the other subjects, prisoners, guinea pigs, victims, not quite sure what to call us, had got out and, how to put this, “dealt” with him. We all ran for it although by the time we found any exits the alarms had gone off, I started turning everything i touched to clay. Oh and Alex turned some guard who we were avoiding into a puddle of well ….. flesh. From behind a door. Seriously a puddle. For such a quiet guy hes one scary bastard.

Luckily Alex managed to find a set of van keys in the eh well … puddle. So while some of the others tried to break into another van a few of us got into the open one and headed north. So it looks like for now I’m going to be heading to Dartmoor, long story, with a nervous girl who glows and can turn invisible, Flynn who can makes holes in things it would seem, some tech guy, Jason i think, who apparently has no powers and well Alex, unfortunately.

Adventure logs
What the hell… by Annabeth Quinn


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