The Cusco Stone

Incan Artifact



The Cusco Stone, currently forming the central display of the “History of Spain in South and Central America” exhibit, American Museum of Natural History, New York.


The Cusco stone is a stone tablet approximately 2.5 metres in diameter, removed from the high temple of Cusco by the Spanish during their invasion of the province in 1533.

The top face of the stone is decorated with what is believed to be a ceremonial depiction of the Inca calendar. The artwork along the outside edge is of particular interest as it bears little resemblance to any known contemporary style.

The stone was removed from Cusco at the behest of Francisco Pizarro and was rediscovered in a storage warehouse in 2010 after the buyout of DC Logistics by Amaya Inc. Following authentication an agreement was struck with the Peruvian government to return the Stone to Cusco at the end of an international exhibition of the recovered artifacts. The exhibition was assembled and is curated by Professor Marlene Langley

The Cusco Stone

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