Jason Warren/Ralph Williams

Strength d4 Agility d6 Vitality d6
Alertness d8 Intelligence d8 Willpower d8
Charisma d8
Current Status Notes
Damage Taken: Stun 0 Lethal 2
Plot Points 6
Derived attributes
Initiative d8 + d8 Life points 14
Endurance d6 + d8 Resistance d6 + d6
Power class: Earth Power range d4 – d12
Control level 3 Control points 5
Skill Specialities
Athletics d6
Covert d4
Discipline d6
Drive d2
French d4
German d4
Influence d6 Calming d8
Knowledge d4
Perception d6 Sight d8
Science d4
Spanish d2
Tech d6 Tech Support d8 Hacking d10
Unarmed d4
Assets Notes
Attuned to tech d6
Natural linguist d4
Complications Notes
Insatiable curiosity d6
Lightweight d4
Skill Advancements Notes

Jason was 26 when he was abducted by The Company, at the time he had been working at a tech support call center for two years since graduating at Stirling University.

Since his graduation he has had difficulty making friends in London. The news stories surrounding the New Year Event fascinated Jason as they developed. Jason is willing to investigate the events even at the expense of his own safety as he now feels personally invested in all that has happened.

Spent 6 weeks in France at what D calls a “Balance Point”, claims it’s the only one but that doesn’t seem true.

Jason Warren/Ralph Williams

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