Gregor Warner

Current Status
Health 3w Control 10 Plot Points 8
Strength d6 Agility d8 Vitality d8
Alertness d8 Intelligence d6 Willpower d6 Charisma d6
Derived attributes
Initiative d8 + d8 Life points 14
Endurance d8 + d6 Resistance d8 + d8
Power class: Alchemy Power range d4 – d10
Control level 4 Control points 6
Skill Specialities
Athletics d6
Discipline d6
Drive d6 Bikes d10 Cars d10
Influence d4
Mechanic d4
Medicine d6
Perception d6
Covert d6
Unarmed d6
Survival d4
French d4
Assets Notes
Born behind the wheel d4
Lightning reflexes d6
Natural athlete d4
Surefooted d4
Complications Notes
Overconfident d6
Rotten luck d8
Smartass d4
Superstitious d2 Good luck charms (shard from crash)

6 adv pts


Gregor was born and raised in Inverurie. An adrenaline junkie from a young age dropped out of school after 4th year and took an apprenticeship at west high street garage. He also met and fell in love with Danica Connor just before leaving Inverurie Academy. 1 year later he married Danica.

6 months after his marriage while riding at the Rhyine track he was recruited by an agent for 1stMx. He spent the next 10 years racing professionally across te UK and Europe, his relationship with Danica becoming strained due to all the time spent travelling. A few months after winning a championship(?) Danica divorced him although the split was quite amiable.

During one his races several months later he crashed very badly breaking his arm and his left leg in several places and a piece of broken metal hit him in the chest almost reaching his heart. The recovery and rehab was quite long and diffcult and Warner decided it was time to stop racing. He moved to Kirkcaldy, Fife, to teach at the local Motocross tracks and has been dointg it for the last 6 years.

Warners comes off as quite friendly if abit rough at times. He’s quite an adrenaline junkie and quite often takes more risks than perhaps he should.

AKA Timothy Hamilton

Gregor Warner

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