Annabeth Quinn

Strength d6 Agility d6 Vitality d6 Charisma d6
Alertness d6 Intelligence d10 Willpower d8
Derived attributes
Initiative d6 + d8 Life points 12
Endurance d6 + d8 Resistance d6 + d6
Power class: Light Power range d6 – d12
Control level 3 Control points
Skill Specialities
Athletics d4
Influence d6 Bureaucracy d8
Knowledge d6 History d10, Administration d8
Covert d6
Unarmed d6
Perception d6
Tech d6 Communications Systems d8
Spanish d2
Discipline d6
Assets Notes
Higher Education – History d2
Uncommon Knowledge – Trivia d4
Light Shield (subconscious) d6
Willpower+Discipline (stop activating)
When still, Willpower+Discipline, Diff 3 = invisible. Botch = +6 to covert roll.
When moving, opponents get +2 step bonus to Perception for spot
Complications Notes
Allergy – Bees d2
Neatfreak d4
Inconsequential d6

8 plot points

10 control points

1 W
1 S


Annabeth is a recently graduated student (UoE), with a degree in history. She worked throughout her university career in the Main Library, and has continued working there since graduating. She enjoys archiving, though she’s not sure that it’s what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She is one of the few members of Library staff who can use the (relatively) complicated IT system with ease.

Annabeth enjoys classical music, home cooking and film noir. She prefers working late, rather than early mornings, and often gets distracted by a good book. Though outwardly chatty, she can be rather shy. She frightens easily, and likes things neat and tidy.

Alternate identity: Sophie Harris

Annabeth Quinn

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