Alexander "Alex" Thompson


Variable Details
Updated: 05/07/12 Control: 4 Wounds: Plot points: 5 Advancement Points: 6
Current Face:
Strength d6 Agility d6 Vitality d6
Alertness d8 Intelligence d6 Willpower d8 Charisma d8
Derived attributes
Initiative d6 + d8 Life points 14
Endurance d6 + d8 Resistance d6 + d6
Power class: Fleshcraft Power range d4 – d12
Control level 3 Control points 10
Skill Specialities
Athletics d6
Craft d2
Covert d4
Discipline d6
Drive d2
French d6
Influence d6
Knowledge d4
Perception d6 Sight d8
Perform d6 Piano d10
Medicine d6 First Aid d8
Unarmed d4
Assets Notes
Good Natured d6
Healer’s Touch d4 Alex’s power gives him an intuitive understanding of the body and he subconsciously uses it to aid in medical procedures
Complications Notes
Idealist d4
Combat Paralysis d4
Honest to a fault d2

AKA Joshua Smith

Age: 30

Alex was a freelance piano teacher and St John’s Ambulance volunteer. When he was taken he had a girlfriend of 9 years, Christine, and a 5 year old daughter, Diane. He is reluctant to remake contact with his family until he is confident that his power is not going to pose a danger to them.

Mild mannered and affable, Alex tries hard to be a good person, though heroics don’t come naturally to him.

Skills are all up to date – 14th March 2012

Alexander "Alex" Thompson

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